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If this is a topic stirs you within or you know someone who might benefit from learning the tools and techniques I’ve used to forgive what some might call the unforgivable- please join me (or pass it on) for one or both of these shows on Forgiveness. Wild-I was invited to be a guest on both shows in the same week on the same day and both on VoiceAmerica. Something is in the air. As always it’s an honor for me to be invited and I’m excited to spread forgiveness and more self-loving in this world.

First show: Don’t miss this week’s show (hosted by Maureen) themed “Forgiveness” with special guest Brenda Adelman.

THEME: Forgiveness

DATE: Thursday May 20th, 2010.

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Brenda Adelman holds a Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychologyand and is a transformational life coach and author of the forgiveness guide, My Father Killed My Mother and Married My Aunt: Forgiving the Unforgivable available at http://www.forgivea ndbefreebook. com

We invite you to listen and learn that forgiveness is essential to your own well-being. It ends the illusion of separation, and its power can change misery into happiness in an instant. Forgiveness is a gift to yourself it is not something you do for someone else.

Forgiveness is a journey, with many layers and seasons. It is the most important individual process that heals and brings peace to your soul and harmony to your life.

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The forgiving state of mind is a magnetic Power for attracting good.-Catherine Ponder

Please join us for our Broadcast on Voice America Talk Radio Health & Wellness Channel Thursday May 20th, @ 3pm PT. Our Guest will be Brenda Adelman, MA…recipient of Hero of Forgiveness Award from the Hawaii International Forgiveness Project and author of,
My Father Killed My Mother and Married My Aunt: Forgiving The

Brenda introduces her program:

Practical forgiveness:
The 3 Steps to Forgive & Be Free.

Our program, Help Me Rhonda¦NOW!, is dedicated
to awakening hearts, minds, and…most especially, Spirit to the innate
Power that resides within each one of us.
We are all and each responsible for our experiences. In that light,
every thought we think is creating our Future. The thought that we
must be willing to Love ourselves, as well as truly Love our Self,
where Self approval and Self acceptance remain in the Now, is the Key
to positive and long lasting Change.

From identifying your Passion, to eliminating your stress…to enabling
your Life to work just as you desire…I invite you to explore some
fundamentals to the gracious Journey we have been placed on…as well as
have some fun doing so! I look forward to you tuning in …and listening with an open heart!

And Remember Have a tremendously magnificent and successful day Everyday!


<http://www.voiceame rica.com/ voiceamerica/ vchannel. aspx?cid= 248>
<http://www.voiceame rica.com/ voiceamerica/ vshow.aspx? sid=1722>

Thursday at 3 PM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Health & Wellness Channel
Help Me Rhonda . . . NOW!
Practical Forgiveness: The 3 Steps to Forgive and Be Free <http://www.voiceame rica.com/ voiceamerica/ vepisode. aspx?aid= 46291> Brenda
Adelman introduces listeners her 3 Step Practical Forgiveness process:
1.Move out of denial and into acceptance of what is.

2.Give up your need to be right.

3.Send love and light to the person who you feel harmed you.

Adelman will go into detail of how she used this Learn More >> <http://www.voiceame rica.com/ voiceamerica/ vepisode. aspx?aid= 46291>

<http://www.voiceame rica.com/ voiceamerica/ vchannel. aspx?cid= 248> <http://www.voiceame rica.com/ voiceamerica/ vshow.aspx? sid=1722> <http://www.voiceame rica.com/ voiceamerica/ vchannel. aspx?cid= 248>

Be sure to tune in to Help Me Rhonda . . . NOW! with Rhonda M. Farrah,
MA Thursday at 3 PM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Health & Wellness

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is a mighty Power within you. There is that Spirit of Life, Light, and
Love. The more you feast on these ideas and fast from old corrosive
ones, the closer you experience the Life you desire.”
-Frank Richelieu, The Art of Being Yourself

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Forgive, Open Your Heart, Be Free,

Brenda Adelman
Out of Fear. Into Forgiveness. Onward to Freedom.

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