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Brenda Adelman, MA in Spiritual Psychology, referred to as The Queen of Forgiveness is an award-winning actress, author and a leader in the forgiveness community. She recently accepted a Hero of Forgiveness award from The Hawaii International Forgiveness Project. She has performed her acclaimed one-woman show, My Brooklyn Hamlet, for 7 years. It is based on her life and the transformative power of forgiveness. She teaches people who have a lot more to offer because they haven't reached their full potential how to experience more joy, peace and freedom in their lives through 1:1 VIP mentoring and group coaching programs, as well as her, The Power of Forgiving the Unforgivable as a Path to Freedom workshops. She has performed and been the keynote speaker for the AZ Coalition Against Domestic Violence, The New Mexico Coalition Against Domestic Violence, for state trainings in the field, after peace vigils, for theatre festivals in NYC, LA, HI and Vienna, Austria. She has performed her show and spoken on the freedom of forgiveness for spiritual communities, conferences, at colleges and for high school students. An award-winning documentary called, Daddy's Girl based on the healing aspects of her one-woman show took home numerous awards at its premiere. 

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What does it take to find true happiness? It takes a little work.

What will it cost you if you never find it? Everything.

"My Father Killed My Mother and Married My Aunt: Forgiving the Unforgivable" is a blend of memoir style writing with lots of juicy personal stories and a workbook to help its readers -- YOU -- experience direct results -- FREEDOM from judgments of yourself and others and HAPPINESS.

Find out how it was possible for me to forgive my father for taking my mother's life and quickly marrying her sister, my aunt. Could you forgive? Would you forgive your aunt for her betrayal?

This book is for YOU! I will guide you with specific exercises to tap into your own courage and strength so that you can finally let go of the burden of unforgiveness.

What will your life look like when you've let your resentments go?


My Father Killed My Mother and Married My Aunt: Forgiving the Unforgivable is available to purchase as a instant download so that you can start healing and making room for your happiness NOW. This is your life and I wish the best for you.

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And I have some gifts for you:

After you purchase your e-book you'll be receiving a link to access a short forgiveness assessment form that I've created just for you! You’ll identify where you are starting from regarding your healing of a relationship or situation and then you can measure your success after reading and working with the exercises in the book. Wait until you see the possibilities that are in store for you!

Click here to have instant access to a recent radio interview where I read the introduction to Forgive and Be Free: A Pathway to Personal Happiness (old title) and talk about why forgiveness is really the key to being happy.

And you'll also receive a free audio download for a 60 minute in-depth teleclass I recently taught on How to Set Healthy Boundaries. If you are going to forgive you have to also learn the skills of Healthy Boundary Setting. They go hand in hand.

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"Hey Brenda, I listened to your interview, great job! You had so much info to share, wish the interview could have been longer!" ~ Vanessa

"Hi Brenda, Well I absolutely loved listening to you and I've signed up for your newsletter, etc. You speak so beautifully and I am inspired beyond words." ~ Robin

Forgive and Be Free,

Brenda Adelman

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