Yesterday I was frazzled. The morning was full of work and then driving my partner to the airport.

I decided to go directly across town to a class I’m taking, instead of stopping back home to do some work on my computer.

This left me 40 extra minutes in Hollywood to do God knows what before my 12 noon class started.

Actually, that free time felt like a luxury.

I figured I’d take a break, clear my mind and grab some iced tea.

Perhaps I’d be able to chill for a bit or tap into the internet on my phone and clear up my way too full inboxes.

I knew I could use a breather. Actually I knew I needed a breather. It had been a particularly hectic week. And choosing to be a parent of a teenager a year ago (we’re adopting a foster child and he’s been living with us for a year) was a game changer as far as having any free time.

I was driving my partner’s car, a sedan. I like my SUV so much more, but whatever.

I pulled into a gas station to fill up her car and then BAM! What just happened? I had went to turn into the gas station which was uber full and misjudged where the driveway was. The tires on the right side of the car banged into the curb and the car stopped. Quickly I went into reverse, pulled away from the curb a few inches to then pull into the gas station. It felt like quite an impact and I wasn’t going fast at all.  Wow…a sedan is so different from an SUV.

I pulled up to the pump and started filling up my partner’s car and decided I better go check out the tire. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before. I’m a very careful driver. I heard hissing, but the tire was full. Okay. I continued to fill up the tank and then decided to check the tire one more time. Still full, still hissing. Doesn’t seem good.

My partner is getting on a plane. I’m in the middle of Hollywood. My class starts in less than 40 minutes. I try to remember where I’ve seen a tire shop. I wonder where my partner purchased her refurbished tires previously. Will I be stranded? Will the tire go flat. My mind is spinning. But so far so good. Maybe the hiss was one of the many hissing sounds that go on at a gas station.

I pull out of the station and turn right. What luck. The next driveway on this busy LA Ave turns in to a Tire Shop. I decide to pull in. I literally pull up to the shop as the tire goes completely flat. Wow. I’ve never changed a tire in my life but I do know that if I had driven on it for a nano second more I would have damaged the rim.

The lovely gentlemen in the shop puts my spare on, but warns me I can’t drive on it very long.

Well now where am I going to get a tire? They only sell new tires and say it will pull if I put a new tire on. Honest and everything! Twenty five minutes to get to class. He finishes and tells me of a used tire place about five minutes away.

You mean this won’t cost me hundreds of bucks? Whew!

I pull up to the Used Tire place a few minutes later. I have cash on me today- which is all they take.

Everything done for under $50.

And I made it to class at 12:03 PM.

So – was it a crappy day because I got a flat tire on my partner’s car within minutes of me taking it?

Or was it a lesson in trust and surrender? Will I believe that there is a universal presence always there for me?

I’ll choose door number 2.

Everything I needed was right in front of me.

I just took one step at a time and kept saying yes.

Was I frazzled? Sure. It was a long day without any downtime but it just pointed to my need for more downtime.

More time for me to be silent and connect with my inner guidance.

God showed up for me in a flat tire…just when I needed a sign.

And for that and so much more I am grateful.