At the end of last year my colleague and friend Lisa
Haisha interviewed me for her popular Legacy Series TV show and my episode just launched.

Other people she interviewed for this series were Lucy Lawless (Xena the Warrior Princess), Jodi Sweetin (Full House), Marianne Williamson, Lisa Garr and the list goes on.

So why do I want you to see this?

Well, Lisa went to school with me back in 2001. Specifically, she attended the University of Santa Monica where we both got our master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology.

I went there because I felt broken by what had happened in my family just a couple of years earlier. My father (whom I adored) shot and killed my mother (my best friend).

Lisa knew me intimately in my darkest of days, before I did my inner work, before I knew what a healthy boundary was, before I knew how to forgive and even before I created my one-woman show.

Jump cut to the very beginning of last year when we ran into each other again and we couldn’t believe how much we had both changed and grown.

She knew about my now critically acclaimed one-person show, My Brooklyn Hamlet.

She found out I had been coaching and speaking on how to forgive the unforgivable since 2006 and had indeed forgiven my father.

She found out that I was married to the woman I met when we were in school together (and knew that woman was the first woman I ever fell
in love with) and she found out that I now had a son. (I was single and lonely way back when).

Well, she brings everything up in this interview.

And I share honestly and from my heart.

You can watch it here:

This interview is for anyone who has experienced:

devastating loss or
a dark night of the soul

wants to be inspired to love someone else or themselves again.

In addition to sharing my story I give two very practical and powerful exercises that are normally reserved for my private
coaching clients and they can change your life.

Plus-if you want to see what really sharing your message authentically looks like you’ll want to watch until the end. If you find it helpful please comment on that page and share it.

(FYI: Since the interview my wife and I have broken up. You’ll find out more when you watch the video)

Here’s that link to watch the video again: