Wow….you are fabulous! My tears are dripping on the desk from just the two minutes. I look forward to seeing your entire show someday soon…in person. XO Darlene
“Brenda–wow! Loved it, loved the concept, your “acting,” your strength and your courage. I can tell this is your path and your gift. Thank You!” Yolanda Comparan, M.S.W. Adoption Referral & Information Service
Your show was such a treasure. Your impersonations were amazing and you just have such a beautiful heart that radiates through – I can’t wait to see it again in New York! Erin (actor/writer)
“My Brooklyn Hamlet” brilliantly explores the complexity of emotional experiences and dynamics of living within the shadow of family violence. In her brave autobiographical play, Brenda Adelman masterfully intertwines humor and gravity, bringing to light the experience of moving from tragedy to forgiveness. As a therapist, I have personally recommended this show to clients because of the power it has to help heal and transform. For anyone who has ever felt alone in their experience of surviving trauma or toxic family relationships, this play can validate and affirm one’s experience of survival and offer the possibility of hope through forgiveness. Brenda herself is a true inspiration as one witnesses through the play her struggle to come to terms with her family trauma and sees Brenda today as an authentic, charismatic, compassionate woman who is clearly dedicated to helping others on their path to healing. “ “I so believe in the work that you do and the ability of your play to help people to heal.” April Ely LCSW, Child Counselor
She played to hushed and mesmerized audiences in Vienna” Robin Hirsch-performer of ‘Mosiac: Fragments of a Jewish Life’

Two thumbs up to a spectacular show, Brenda Adelman!!! So glad I went. The Brooklyn Hamlet was funny, witty, moving…an emotional roller coaster with so much learning. You’re so talented, Brenda…thanks for sharing your gift to the world 🙂 Trissa Tismal

I also previously saw Brenda Adelman’s show, My Brooklyn Hamlet. It is incredible and NOT to be missed. Powerful and moving, it’s hard to describe in words. She touches you at your core, while entertaining you with every word and gesture.Blessings to you, Margalit

And Jude wrote this directly to me:

The words could not do justice to the extraordinary, writing, performance, exquisite storytelling and courage you have in what you have created to now become your ministry, or your mission. My Spirit and Soul has been moved on every level and the surrender to the truth inside myself of Self-Forgiveness has been deeply awakened. I have such honor, respect and Gratitude for you and your life. Thank you for the inspiration you are and for the opportunity to taste what is possible. Jude Weber