I’ve had an extraordinary couple of weeks.

I LOVE to travel and I had the opportunity to combine travel with seeing theatre and seeing clients and friends.

The only thing better would have been if I was performing live on this trip too.

When you have a show and an online business you can travel pretty much when you want and get paid.

I was marveling at the fact that I didn’t have to wait for a week some time this summer to jump on a plane and see a dear friend and go to one of the biggest theatre festivals in the country.

I remember working in retail years ago. Not only could I not get vacation days when I wanted them but I hated having to request my needs be met by someone in a corporation who followed ‘rules’ vs communicating with people.

This week I had the opportunity to travel and work. I love what I do. What a blessing.

I used Skype/Zoom to do my coaching work with clients (who live all over the world), did a live coaching session with my client and her biz partner and reconnected with performers I met three years ago who are doing world class acting.

And oftentimes my clients become my friends and my friends become my clients.
I am inspired by them, proud of them and appreciate them.

One client was performing his one-man show at the festival I was attending. I met Andrew in London, we became friends and I have worked with him when he lived in China, Canada and in different States.

I saw about 12 shows in FLA and I wanted to share the stand-outs- as far as mistakes new storytellers/speakers/presenters make- so that you won’t and also what makes speakers/performers shine on stage

Be Bold. Be Brave. Tell Your Story.


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