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Brenda Adelman, MA in Spiritual Psychology, The Queen of Forgiveness is an award-winning actress, author and a leader in the forgiveness community. She recently accepted a Hero of Forgiveness award from The Hawaii International Forgiveness Project. She has performed her acclaimed one-woman show, My Brooklyn Hamlet, for 7 years. It is based on her life and the transformative power of forgiveness. She teaches people who have a lot more to offer because they haven't reached their full potential how to experience more joy, peace and freedom in their lives through 1:1 VIP mentoring and group coaching programs, as well as her, The Power of Forgiving the Unforgivable as a Path to Freedom workshops. She has performed and been the keynote speaker for the AZ Coalition Against Domestic Violence, The New Mexico Coalition Against Domestic Violence, for state trainings in the field, after peace vigils, for theatre festivals in NYC, LA, HI and Vienna, Austria. She has performed her show and spoken on the freedom of forgiveness for spiritual communities, conferences, at colleges and for high school students. An award-winning documentary called, Daddy's Girl based on the healing aspects of her one-woman show took home numerous awards at its premiere.  My Father Killed My Mother and Married My Aunt: Forgiving the Unforgivable (memoir/forgiveness guide) is Brenda's first book, available as an ebook only at forgiveandbefreebook.com. More information about Brenda at www.forgivenessandfreedom.com

Setting Healthy Boundaries in your Personal and Professional Life

Let me teach you what you might not know about how to experience more peaceful and empowering relationships with others.

In this 4 part series you'll find out what it took me over 35 years to uncover. That's right I had no idea what a healthy boundary was for most of my life. They don't teach these skills in grade school, high school, or college.

If you grew up in a dysfunctional household (like so many people-myself included) I can bet you never learned these skills.

Now is the time to change your life and your relationships for the better.

You'll learn the common misconceptions about boundary setting and how simple a solution it is once you know how to tap into your intuition and learn what a healthy boundary vs an unhealthy boundary is in the first place.

In this series I share:

• The common misconceptions about boundaries
• How to set clear boundaries without feeling like a bad person who is unlikable
• How to say NO without feeling guilty so you have more time
• How to say YES from a clear space inside and eliminate resentments forever
• How to let your guard down in your personal life and still feel safe
• How to set healthy boundaries with your clients so you aren’t taken advantage of
• How to set healthy boundaries with your employees (like your virtual assistants)
• And so much more

As you grow your business you want to make sure you have this foundation in place so you can concentrate on more important things.

No more time wasted on obsessive thinking or worry about how to act because you’ll have the tools you need.

As a bonus your personal relationships will be healthier too!

You know the saying- “How you do anything is how you do everything.”

Here's what you'll learn in the audio downloads:

Audio 1
What are healthy boundaries and how do I set them?

* The biggest mistake most people make when setting a boundary and why it causes trouble for everyone.
* Finding out where YOUR boundaries came from and how to easily change your deep seated beliefs.
* Special coaching session with Brenda and a participant.

Audio 2
Personal boundaries vs. business boundaries
* Discover the biggest differences between personal and business boundaries so you don't make a fool of yourself on the job or at social events.
* Setting healthy boundaries in your personal life to help grow your business.
* Special coaching session with Brenda and a participant.

Audio 3
How to say yes or no from a position of power
* When do you have a right to say no with a business associate and exactly how do you do it with finesse and tact?
* What happens if you say yes but it’s just not working?
* Special live coaching session with Brenda and a participant.

Audio 4
Collaborating with others - being true to yourself
* When collaborating, what must you do first before giving your response.
* The icing on the cake. This one tool ensures successful collaboration.
* Special live coaching session with Brenda and a participant.

Remember, each class builds on the one before so you'll want to listen to Call 1 first and so on. There's over three hours of audio material here.

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I spent over $10,000 and two years of my time going to graduate school in Psychology to learn what I'm teaching you here.

I've studied with master teachers of transformational leadership like Barbara De Angelis and T. Harv Ecker.

Right now you can get your hands on a system that will teach you how to honor yourself while keeping your heart open and moving forward in your career.

What price tag will you put on your peace and freedom to make empowering choices?

I’m offering the complete 4 part audio home study course today for just $79.

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Holding the vision of your wholeness by setting healthy boundaries,

Out of Fear. Into Forgiveness. Onward to Freedom.

P.S. I just completed a 29 page report to go along with this powerful 4 part audio series and because I want to get this in depth training to you. I am giving it to you for FREE with the purchase of the audio program ($39 value).

That's right - for $79 you get a complete system for learning how to set healthy boundaries in your personal and professional life. Can you afford not to do this now?

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