In honor of the Bard, one of the greatest writers of all time, and whose work inspired me long after he shuffled off his mortal coil -to write my one-woman show I am putting 5 of my programs and services on sale this week.

Well, the first steal of a deal was offered yesterday- a SOLO-SHOW MENTOR Session for me for 70% off. But that deal is gone forever. Each deal is only available for 24 hours.

Shakespeare left a legacy that spans the test of time.

His famous play, Hamlet, gave me an insight into the pain other people have felt and through it I realized I wasn’t alone.

That’s what great storytelling does.

In some ways- you could say that the combination of reading Hamlet, writing my story and watching Oprah late at night saved my life.

I know deeply that my work, my show, my storytelling heals people and what I’ve left (my book, my videos, my programs, my work directly with others) will impact people way after I am gone.

In that Spirit this week of specials is hopefully an inspiration to move you from thinking about your story to putting it out into the world because you’ll have a plan in place, tools to craft your story to be engaging and support to become a killer presenter.

Here’s the instructions- from offer to sale must be 24 hours in order to receive the discount.

Everything is from 20-70% off.

After 24 hours from when the email goes out- the deal vanishes.

You may still buy the product or program- at the full price- which is well worth it.

Today’s special is….drum roll please….

YOU on Video

my NEW PROGRAM which is launching live on May 8th.

This is a LIVE 4 Week intensive with

personal feedback on your videos each week so they are the best they can be before you post them publicly, to your group or in a paid program
Private FB group only for participants of the coure
4 weeks of lessons on performance, presentation, confidence and how to be authentic on your videos and webinars
It’s about discovering how to bring the best of you:

the authentic
raw and
funny you
into each video you make during the program.

We’ll actually be doing an exercise during week one where we’ll be identifying the qualities that you’ll be leading with so your essence comes through each time.

YOU on Video is focused on presentation and me giving feedback on your videos each week in our private FB group so that you can make each one better before you post it to the public or send it to your list or customers.

I’ll be giving Acting Tips/Tricks/Secrets that I learned from performing on film and studying in top film classes in LA.

You’ll find out the differences between speaking on video vs on stage and more important I’ll show you how to create a consistency in your videos so you can be confident each and every time you press play.

I’ll give you new acting exercises each week.

And I’ll be teaching you about scripting vs improvising and helping with getting your message across in a short video vs a long video.

YOU on Video is based on performance.

There are other video programs out there that are strictly technical. Actually there are a lot, but that doesn’t help small business owners like you learn how to be authentic and confident on video.

Those teachers say things like, “Just be confident” But they don’t show you how to do that, be that. I will.

I will also touch on the tech foundations and find the answers you need if I don’t know them right away.

I’ll go into the differences between shooting on your computer vs your phone.
How to get the best composition

You’ll get examples of different ways that videos are shot so you can choose which is best suited for you and your personality and your space.

I’ll be giving you the foundational skills you need to know about lighting and editing.

And each person can use the course to decide what kind of videos they want to focus on- website videos, FB LIVES, free 3 part training series, a Paid product, etc.I’ll be teaching about all of them.

Actually- when you sign-up for this deal in the next 24 hours you get all that plus……a 30 minute Planning Your Videos Laser Coaching Session with me.

We’ll get clear on which videos you should shoot during this 4 week class.

Very hands on…as I love it and feel I can help best that way with my specific feedback.

This program to $497.

And did I mention- this is the deal that is 50% off!

But only for the next 24 hours.

That’s right!

Only one payment of $247.

You will receive a welcome email from me with everything you need to know about the program within 24 hours of your purchase.

If you are on my email list, by the time you get an email from me tomorrow with tomorrow’s deal… this deal will expire. You can join us on May 8th LIVE for $497 or you can join today and get $250 off.

I invite you to SAY YES!

Thank Shakespeare for the discount. He made me do it!

Be Bold. Be Brave. Tell Your Story.


P.S. Wait until you see tomorrow’s special deal. Soooooo affordable and soooooo good.

P.P.S. If you want to be authentic on video consistently and for it to be a fun process- you don’t want to miss out by not getting today’s deal. It’s gone in just 24 ours.  We start May 8th.